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I started MN Career Consultation because I ​wanted to ​help people with truly important decisions. Career choices are hard, but they can also be among the most meaningful.

Samuel Hintz, PhD, LP

I know career decisions are important.  They are often difficult decisions, but they are easier when you have the right information.  I use psychological testing and personal consultation to help you navigate the process.  We sit down, we come up with a plan, and then we walk through the steps.  Our goal is not to find the “one perfect job” that will suit you for the rest of your life, but rather to build the kind of structured self-insight that can focus you on the right career options. 

I like to describe MNCC as a place where “science meets values”.  Knowing the science behind career decisions is essential, but it isn’t enough. A good career decision comes when we build on the science with our own values and experiences. This is difficult work for sure, but these are some of the best conversations I have with my clients. Because this is too important to miss, I’ve designed MNCC to leave room for this kind of discussion. How will your next chapter fit into the larger story of your life? 

I’ve done my homework. I earned my PhD from the University of MN’s counseling psychology program in 2013. My graduate program focused heavily on vocational (career) psychology and statistics, and I also trained at the University’s Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic. Because of this, I take a “science first” approach to consultation: my clients can feel confident about their results because they are firmly based on sound research.

I’ve worked with all types of clients.  It can be easy to group people into categories pretty quickly (recent graduates, early career professionals, parents returning to work, etc.). Understanding these groups can be helpful, but the longer I do this work, the clearer it becomes that our career decisions are unique.  My clients are coming from different places as they approach the next stage of their career.  If there’s any agreement among my clients, it’s in what they’re looking for: They want to know that they can feel confident about their decision, and they are willing to put in the required work.



 Questions and Initial Consulting


Do you have a general career related question or are you curious about consultation services? Don’t hesitate to write me a message below!


Targeted Career Assessment


This is a focused assessment of your career interests and personality.   

  • 1 hour career strategy/ goal setting session (by phone or video chat)
  • 2 psychological tests
  • 1 hour interpretation session
  • 1 summary report


Complete Career Assessment


All included package, testing of career interests, personality, ability and values, strategy/goal setting session, final report with integrated next steps.  

  • 1 hour career strategy/ goal setting session (by phone or video chat)
  • 4 psychological tests
  • 3 interpretation sessions
  • 1 integrated report

Who is this for?

Career assessment can clarify and guide your next career decision at any stage.

Early Career

I want to do this right. If you’re choosing a major, approaching graduation, or have graduated in the last few years, career assessment and consultation can help you make a satisfying career choice.   

Mid Career

I want a better fit. Maybe you’re already in a career, but something’s not right. Career consultation can guide you toward occupations that will fit better with your values and personality.

Late Career

I want a change of pace. If you’ve loved the work you’ve done so far in life but think it’s time for a change, career consultation can show you where your skills and experience will serve you best in another career.

More questions? I’m glad you asked. Take a look at the FAQ.

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