Comprehensive Career Assessment and Consultation

Let’s get into the details. What is comprehensive career assessment and how can it help you? I go through each of the steps below.


You and I will work closely together through this process to make sure that you have what you need to take the next step in your career decision.  I use a cohort model for this assessment and consultation process. This means that I will be guiding a small group (usually around 5) of people through the process at the same time.  Your information is never shared with other clients, but some steps in the process are streamed to the group as a whole, while other meetings are one on one. This process lets you receive consultation that is very much focused on your specific concerns, while still benefiting from the questions I share from others in your cohort.  

Step 1: Background and Goal Setting

Once the initial pre-work is completed, you and I will sit down for an initial discussion of the consultation process. This conversation can vary from person to person, but in general we will review the events/decisions that brought you to this point, the primary obstacle you feel you are up against, and your specific goals for consultation.  By the end of this session, you and I will be on the same page about what we are trying to accomplish.

Step 2: Psychological Assessment

After our goal setting meeting, you will be sent a secure link for each part of our psychological test battery.  Each test is focused on an important part of your career fit: interests, personality, ability, and values. You complete these assessments online and then receive the results as you go through the rest of the consultation process.

Step 3: Strong Interest Inventory Workshop

This workshop is made up of three parts. First you’ll complete a focused reflection exercise on your own. This assignment will have you examine past work activities and environments for clues to the kinds of career interests you find most rewarding. Next, you’ll receive your results from the Strong Interest Inventory and join the interpretation session. This is securely streamed live to your cohort. You are able to see me and submit questions, but your information and identity are kept confidential from your other cohort members. Finally, you’ll be given instructions on how to use your assessment results to generate a working list of possible career areas and specific options.

Step 4: Personality and Ability Interpretation

You and I will meet to review the results of your personality and ability assessments.  This meeting usually takes about an hour and is focused on helping you use this information to build self-insight and evaluate your fit to possible careers you generated during Step 3 (above). 

Step 5: Career Values Workshop

The Career Values Workshop is one of the most important parts of this process.  This workshop follows a similar setup to Step 3.  You will complete a focused preparation assignment beforehand, examining your own work history or gathering information from trusted others about your personal career values.  Next, you’ll receive your results from the values assessment and join the cohort interpretation session.  Again, this session is streamed live. While you will be able to submit questions, your information will not be shared with other members of the cohort. 

Step 6: Closing Consultation

Finally, you and I will meet again for closing consultation.  This is our chance to review how this process has gone for you and settle on next steps for your career decision.  We’ll spend this time reviewing your final report (which includes summaries of all your assessment results) and talking about what you have learned from consultation/assessment, and what you need to review further.  

** If it becomes clear that career assessment/consultation is not the best service for you at this time, or if you choose to discontinue for any reason, the process can be concluded after this first session. A pro-rated fee of $250 would apply.





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Comprehensive Career Assessment and Consultation


This is my standard consultation package that includes testing of career interests, personality, ability and values, as well as personal consultation on career strategy and goal setting

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