You need a plan, and the initial consultation appointment is where we’ll build it. 

During this session we’ll talk about your reasons for seeking consultation, your work and educational history, and the story that ties all these things together. Cost: $250

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The work begins before the appointment. Before we meet, you will be asked to complete a focused pre-survey. This document is vital to your consultation process. You will be asked to reflect carefully on your work history and supply other background information. 

We cover a lot of ground.  This is our chance to look carefully at what has brought you to this point in your career. All careers (even very young careers) are made up of decisions, values, goals, and detours. The better I can understand why you are here, the better I can help you. Most importantly, we’ll agree on some specific goals for your consultation process. 

The Career Decision Lab is included. There’s a lot of information to keep straight when you’re exploring new careers. MNCC clients are offered a free lifetime subscription at our sister-site the Career Decision Lab to help simplify this process. 

For some, initial consultation is enough. The goal of initial consultation is to clarify your career problem and decide on a plan. Sometimes, this exercise alone allows people to make progress on their career decision. In that case, a summary report of our initial consultation is included, and we leave the door open for additional work in the future.

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